Artist statement

I primarily create digital art using software like Clip Studio, Procreate, and Blender for certain aspects of animation and modeling. However, I am also skilled in traditional art using pencils, pens, and ink.

My art style is influenced by anime and occasionally semi realism, and I tend to use dark colours, which adds a gothic feel to my work. As an aspiring character designer, my goal is to create visually appealing characters with personality and storytelling potential for video games, comics, and advertising. I find inspiration in various aspects of popular culture, manga, and fine art.

Through my studies, I’ve learned that giving characters a distinctive silhouette is essential for design perspectives and helps create more recognisable characters. Whether it’s a single illustration or a larger project, I approach each character as a challenge to create something visually engaging.

My aim is to create characters that people can enjoy. As a digital artist, I am continuously learning and refining my techniques to improve my work. I enjoy experimenting with different digital brushes, overlays, and colour palettes to create unique pieces of art. In addition to my technical skills, I also have been learning about the strong of the importance of storytelling in character design development.

Collaborating with other artists and professionals in the industry is something I look forward to as I continue to pursue my career in character design and potentially video games. I believe that working with others can lead to new perspectives and ideas, helping me push the boundaries of my creativity even further.